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Interactive Flight Data Monitoring Tool defines FDM events based on available recorder parameters  
Interactive Flight Data Monitoring Tool defines FDM events based on available recorder parameters

In February 2010, the IHST Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) Working Group began a project to provide guidance to the industry to develop a base set of HFDM events.

Research found that HFDM event sets – a collection of programmed events used to detect unsafe practices in flight operations –were readily available for fixed-wing aircraft. However, there was a lack of similar guidance for rotorcraft operators.

According to IHST HFDM Working Group Lead Stuart Lau, “In the past, there was very little standardization or information available to organizations beginning new HFDM programs.  Operators would often turn to CAA CAP 739 (a Flight Data Monitoring publication) as a source or simply borrow information from operators with established programs to define their events.    

As the HFAP project progressed, due to wide variances in FDM equipment, a need to include available parameters was included in the project – the final version of the tool is the Helicopter Flight Analysis Profile (and Parameters) Interactive Tool.  HFAP(P) utilizes a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is highly interactive based on aircraft equipage spanning from traditional Digital Flight Data Recorders (DFDR) to Lightweight Aircraft Recording Systems (LARS).  

HFAP(P) and the IHST HFDM Toolkit: 

HFAP(P) is to be used in conjunction with the IHST HFDM Toolkit to develop, implement and operate a new program.  Both documents are available free of charge on the IHST website (www.ihst.org).  Revision 2 of the IHST HFDM Toolkit is due to be released in November 2011 at the International Helicopter Safety Symposium in Dallas, TX.   

The IHST would like to recognize the hard work of HFDM Working Group Member Bruno Villela who had the vision and capabilities to create this fantastic tool.   

For additional information (please contact): 

IHST HFDM Working Group Lead:   

Stuart “Kipp” Lau slau@capacg.com 

IHST HFDM Working Group Member:  

Bruno Villela


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